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At Azandra Properties, we realize that buying or selling fixed property can be at best stressful and overwhelming. We are thus committed to serve our clients with integrity and loyalty. Your peace of mind during the entire process, is of utmost important to us, therefore we will walk all the extra miles needed to make sure you understand the processes involved and that you get the optimal value out of the experience. We are loyal to our clients and through good service and honesty, we aim to earn the loyalty of our clients for a lifetime to come.

Azandra Properties Operates In The Following Areas In Namibia
Windhoek, vibrant, fast growing and all inclusive.
Windhoek is a fast growing economic hub of Namibia and also serves as the commercial and administrative capital of the country. It is located in the central Khomas Region and the gateway for all commercial trade routes from other land-locked SADC countries as well as South Africa.
Windhoek offer a number of suburbs for various different income levels. Some of the most popular areas in Windhoek currently are the suburbs situated immediately around the central business district which includes Klein Windhoek, Luxury Hill, Eros, Ludwigsdorf and Avis on the eastern side of the city.
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The southern suburbs of the city include Suiderhof, Olympia, Auas Hills, and Kleine Kuppe, which is currently also the home of the new commercial development surrounding the Grove Mall. Some of the other amenities located in Kleine Kuppe is the private school, Windhoek Gymnasium, recently acquired by Curro, the new 200 bed Lady Pohamba Private Hospital and the adjacent Steps which offers office suites for many different types of businesses. Virgin Active also made Kleine Kuppe the home of their second gym in the city.
The western suburbs closer to the CBD includes Academia, Pionierspark, Windhoek West, Windhoek North and Hochlandpark. A bit further away from the CBD, you will find the residential suburbs of Cimbebasia, Pionierspark Extention 1, Academia Extension 1, Rocky Crest, Hochlandrand, Dorado Park, Khomasdal, Katutura, Wanaheda etc.
Most of the suburbs in Windhoek have easy access to basic amenities such as schools (both government & private), churches, medical rooms and/or clinics and hospitals, as well as service stations and shops.
Windhoek is also home to four large shopping malls, Wernhill, the oldest and situated right in the middle of the CBD, the Khomas Grove Mall in Khomasdal, Maerua Mall, located more to the southern side of the CBD and then as mentioned previously, the newest addition in Kleine Kuppe, the Grove Mall part of the vibrant Hilltop development.
Windhoek is also home to two universities, namely UNAM (University of Namibia), which is now also boasting a state-of-the-are medical school and the University of Technology or Polytechnic as it used to be known in the past, which offers a wide range of tertiary educational channels through which Namibians and nowadays also students from other SADC and African countries can equip themselves with quality education for their respective careers.
In the surrounding areas of Windhoek, you will also find several lifestyle estates, which offers the nature lover the opportunity to live close to nature, but not too far from the city's comforts. They are Finkenstein Lifestyle Estate (home to the Village and Manor developments for the younger and more senior members of our community respectively); Herboth's Blick and Farm Sonnleiten to the east. To the south you will find Omeya Golf Estate, Out of Nature and Zivelli and on the road to Okahandja in the north, Elizenheim offers quite a few new developments for the middle income families.